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Macromedia released FLEX 1.0. It’s an enterprise level (read: expensive) server application that generates SWF files. Well, there’s a lot more to it. With MXML, the source files for FLEX are XML files which can make use of embedded actionscript or external class files. It comes with a good component framework making it easy to work with forms etc. The documentation, unlike you’d expect for a 1.0 release from Macromedia, is awesome. I won’t attempt to even describe what FLEX is or does, you can read more about it elsewhere.

The point is if you are a Flash developer, you’ll find FLEX very interesting. I had the chance to try FLEX for a few days and I must say it *is* good. Unfortunately it is also expensive [Read more at actionscript.com and why Scott Barnes thinks it's wrong at Mossy Blog]. While it is obviously out of reach for small companies and individuals, enterprise level companies also would be considering the ROI, if Flash/FLEX is the solution for them at this 1.0 release. The developer version will be free, which generates SWF files that expire, which is a very good move to ensure the developer support for FLEX but I doubt it will be enough.

Currently the biggest rival for FLEX is Laszlo Presentation Server. Laszlo just a few days ago changed the pricing and it may prove a tough rival (Though FLEX seems to generate smaller SWF files). [Read more about Laszlo at MX Traveler (Owen van Dijk) and Martijn de Visser]

If there were a non-server, non-enterprise (read: reasonably priced) version of FLEX as a command-line Flash compiler, it would have been great.

Here are where you can find more info about FLEX:
FLEX Product Page
FLEX Developer Center
FlexCoders Mailing List

More links available at:
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Also don’t forget to bookmark Matt Chotin’s Blog for in depth FLEX info.

As a note about our applications and FLEX support, though we will have a mostly bug-fix update to all of our applications very early next month, currently none of our software support FLEX. Because of some optimizations introduced, ASV won’t decompile a FLEX generated SWF correctly, also because the SWF files will have a quite large script for the classes, it will take considerable amount of time to decompile.

We will most probably be supporting FLEX but currently I cannot quote a time frame…

Note: I’ve capitalized “FLEX” for this post, because it seemed to make sense. Normally it’s just “Flex”.

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  1. To understand Flex pricing, you really have to appreciate what amazing and beautiful applications you can build with it, and know how long it would take and difficult it would be to build something comparable with any other technology.

  2. Agreed. I used the word ‘expensive’ in an ordinary sense, not that because I think Flex doesn’t worth that much. Maybe ‘not affordable’ would have been a better word (and Flex certainly isn’t for us and many small shops).
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  3. maliboo says:

    Funny thing – Flex SWFs have changed ScriptLimit tag: MaxRecursion: 1000 and ScriptTimeout 60sec (!!!).

  4. Flex 1.0 updater 2 released!
    Updater 2 includes all fixes from update 1.
    42.02MB for W?ndows.

  5. Non-commercial Flex Licenses Now Available (Christian Cantrell)