Extracting FLV Audio (2)

Extracting FLV audio is trivial if the encoding is MP3, but not so if NellyMoser ASAO audio codec was used.

It has always been said that "FLV is an ‘end’ format, highly compressed, why would you want to get the compressed video/audio out, use the original source". While there may be other legit reasons for wanting this, for FCS/FMS created FLV files, the original audio source is in NellyMoser format!

The root of the problem is that there are not a lot of applications that can decode the NellyMoser codec. Flash and Flash Player can, though. Our solution was creating a tool that will convert FCS created FLVs to Flash importable FLVs and using Flash to do the conversion.

Though I haven’t tried, another solution was to capture Flash Players decoded audio output on its way to the sound card.

Now, all these trouble are going away because Adobe will make an application that can extract FLV audio available on Adobe Labs site ‘soon’. Here’s what Steve Wolkoff of Adobe posted on FlashComm list: "I’m waiting to find out the next window where we can get these tools up. It should be in the near future (I know that’s way too vague to be of much use, but I really can’t predict more accurately. It should be "soon")". Asa Whillock of Adobe wrote "it’s on the way – we’d rather do things right then do things too quickly." on the same list.

That’s good news indeed! Finally, extracting FLV audio will have a final solution, soon.

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  1. Finally an app that can do the conversion (not from Adobe):
    Total Video Converter 2.6
    (I haven’t tested this personally, via http://www.flashcomguru.com/index.cfm/2006/5/26/flv2mp3 ).

  2. Somewhat bad news from Steve Wolkoff of Adobe posted to flashcomm mailing list:
    “We have not been able to release the FLV / MP3 converter due to restrictions in our Nelly Moser license agreement. While prepping the converter for the Labs release, we reviewed the license agreement with our Legal team, and found that we can only distribute this tool to be used with licensed copies of Flash Media Server. If this tool were used in conjunction with any other server (e.g. Red5) Adobe would be violating that license agreement. At that point, both we and the end users of that tool would be in a legally tenuous situation. We’re going to have a Private Beta for this tool, which we are working on setting up right now. I’m sorry for the delay and lack of communication. I really wanted to make this tool publicly available, as I think it opens up a whole range of cool FMS based applications.”

  3. Dan says:

    i paid $4500 to adobe for fms2. they should have it available for me. I’m using total video converter right now but it doesn’t run on linux so it’s a little inconvenient for me.

  4. I went to macromedia labs months later and nothing new. Know anything else?

  5. Hi Joserra,
    Read my previous comment.
    It seems the tool will only be available to registered FMS users. No word on time of release :(
    Best regards,

  6. Fabio Sonnati posted the following info to Flashomm list:
    ‘total converter apparently uses a “wrapper” to force the flash ocx to play audio faster (apparently 1:4 ratio, it depends), it redirects and grabs the audio output (wave) and then encodes it to MP3. it does not use a licensed Nelly Moser codec.’

  7. taowen says:

    I have created a google page to describe this problem:

  8. Steve says:

    Anybody know whom to harass, cajole, convince, at Adobe, to try to get their beta-tool for the mp3 extraction? All of the entry level tech support people either don’t know about the issue or simply point me to Nellymoser. I’m a licensed user but I’m wondering how big do you have to be before someone at Adobe who actually knows what’s going on, will talk with you?

  9. Jon says:

    Check this url: http://flv2mp3.com
    Hope it can help you.

  10. I use total video converter to convert flash player created FLV files with nellymoser encoding on my server and it does it in real time.
    Here is a complete tutorial:

  11. Bonnot says:

    You can also use the nellynomore tool for Linux: http://www.thoughtcrime.org/software/nellynomore/